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Vision, Mission & Objectives


To develop young citizens into competent, intellectual & committed human beings with a moral and social responsibility, capable of surviving in a competitive world.


To equip students with appropriate knowledge and suitable skills in their chosen discipline.

To provide education opportunities to all aspirants and especially to students from weaker section of the society through need based financial support system.

To provide value-based education to mould them into dutiful and responsible citizens.

To recognize and promote students potentials and offer a platform for their overall development.

To provide integrated learning experiences that will equip students with qualities that will enable to realize their ambition.

To focus on providing vocational education.


To provide high quality and affordable education to all sections of society including various disadvantaged groups especially in Kalyan and surrounding region.

To make the students aware of the various career opportunities and professions.

To motivate the students to excel in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and encourage the spirit of sportsmanship in them.

To develop knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship skills to enhance the employability of the students.

To educate and sensitize students towards social responsibilities.

To inculcate spirit of competition and professional success.

To help the young generation develop an attitude of ‘E-spirit- de-corps’.

To foster global competence and support career building of students through various courses, workshops, seminars, events, competitions and industrial visits.

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