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Student Grievance And Redressal Cell

It is believed that the grievances of the student must be addressed and remedial action be taken to promote healthy academic environment in the campus to meet the subjective a grievance and redressal is inplaced in the college. Thecell is headed by a senior facultymember who is supportedby duly constituted committee comprising of all the stakeholders including the students. The chairperson of this Academic year is Ms. Tarveen Bindras


To solve the grievances of the students.

To maintain amicable relations among students.

Format for the Grievance Application:

Types of Complaints

Academic / Infrastructural/ other


Powers and Function of the Committee

Powers and Function of the Committee: Subject to the general control of the Principal and Management, the committee shall exercise the following powers and perform the following functions, namely:-

To receive the applications from the students and process themfurther.

To attend to all matters relating to the grievances of the students.

To entertain and consider the grievances of the students. It may hear the students in person.

To hear both the parties and settle grievances as early as possible.

To provide for oral advice to the students whenever the oral advice is sufficient to resolve the grievances.

If the Committee feels it necessary to verify the grievances personally it may authorize any member or members of the Committee to visit the concerned department and find out the authenticity of the grievances.

The Committee shall not deal with any sub-judice cases.

It Shall make efforts to settle the disputes amicably whenever possible an report the same to the Principal.

To prepare and submit the recommendations relating to the redressal of grievances of the students to the principal for consideration and for taking such action as he/she deems fit; the decisions of the principal on such a report shall be final and binding.

To prepare consolidate and submit to the principal a general report regarding the working of the committee during the previous financial year.

To perform such other duties and discharge such order functions, for the purpose of effectively implementing these rules, as the Principal may direct.

To consider and submit recommendations and suggestions in respect of reforms in the working of the various rules of the college relating to the redressal of grievances of the students.

If it feels necessary the committee may here the Heads of Departments or one of the office bearer of Consent area before formulating its recommendations or before settling the disputes amicably.

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