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Principal: DR. RAJU KRISHNAMA S. ( M.Com, Ph. D.)

In times of globalization and cut throat competition, it is herculean task to keep up with the world around, be successful yet not lose one’s own inner voice and originality. It is a persistent task. But once an individual manages to do this he/she can be very successful. Imitating others is very natural and easy. To escape this realm of imitating others we need to be sincere and serious about ourselves. This will result in respecting oneself, which will further move on setting aims for oneself. Once the goals are set there will be intrinsic motivation to try one’s level best. This will be a gradual process. It’s not going to happen suddenly one fine morning. Nevertheless once it happens life will be beautiful. We will be the ones who are setting goals, as well as the ones who are fulfilling it and later bask in the glory of its success or drown in the failure. Whatever, that will be perfectly befitting. Failure anyways is not permanent. The very word impossible itself says ‘I’ ‘M’ ‘POSSIBLE’. We all have read about King Bruce’s Story, how he after losing battles continuously gets tired and hides in a cave where he watches a spider again n again making an attempt to climb a wall despite of falling several times; later getting inspired he again returns to the battle field and finally becomes successful. If a small spider cannot lose hope why do we have to lose hope? We are God’s best creation and He has given us much more power, than we think, we have. According to scientists most human beings use only 25% to 33% of one’s brain throughout their life. This clearly means that we are not using our brains according to our full potential. If using less than half percentage of the brain, we humans can bring everything under our control, onto our finger tips, what can be impossible for us? Why most of us are lacking is that, we are not trying our level best, we are giving moderate efforts, life and luck in turn gives us semi-moderate success. So it’s time to rethink. What is it, that is hindering us, obviously we ourselves. If we decide that we want to attain a particular goal, and we strive towards it with full zeal, there is 99% chances, that we will be successful. God forbid if we fail, our strife, would have given us enough experience, and we don’t need to start, from scratch and ultimately when we don’t give up, persistently follow our goal, no force on earth can hinder us. Its only up to us that we zealously follow our goal. Enroute the journey to success we may find couple of comparisons, dejections, jealous banters, selfish motives of others, manipulation etc but that should never act as a deterrent for us, but we should use it positively and prove others wrong. We are not clones to be like others to have similar goals like others, we are individuals, and in our individuality, should be our strength. No matter what the world says, and who all comprise your world, always do what your heart says is perfect. You are the best judge for your life. From this Academic year 2017-18, we started with self financing programs - M.Com Advanced Accountancy, B.Com - Investment Management and B.Com - Financial Management. We are also proud to start Add on Course - Computer System in Application and Conversational English, Approved by University of Mumbai which helps students in overall development and make them industry ready. NAAC ‘B’ grade has been awarded to our College, which adds another feather to our cap.

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